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  1. xtopher_17

    Xtopher17's Art Thread

    It was nice to be commissioned for DWCL.
  2. xtopher_17

    Armarogue [0/2]

    Draft order: Round 5 onwards Price range: 8-11 Overview: Armarougue is one of the best Trick Room sweeper in the whole game, Indeedee + Weakness Policy + Trick Room sweeps most of the team that are lacking in Dark-types — unfortunately this is not a VGC draft analysis and Armarogue is quite...
  3. xtopher_17

    Xtopher17's Art Thread

    Remade an old one for 2024!
  4. xtopher_17

    Xtopher17's Art Thread

    Would share new commisions here [/SPOILER]
  5. xtopher_17

    Draft Draft League Winter Seasonal I - Signups

    Discord Tag xtopher17 Time Zone GMT+7
  6. xtopher_17

    Xtopher17's Art Thread

    Hi, I'm xtopher17. I'm more active in the Pokemon Draft scene than Smogon but recently both communities have been merging together so I'm making this to promote myself to another Pokemon community! Short introduction: I made the Draft League Showdown ( logo, I draw using a mouse so...